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Balmedie Housing Development
Castlehill Housing Association
Balmedie Masterplanning is an Affordable Housing development located to the North of Aberdeen, close to the North-East coast.

The design is a site-responsive solution, formed through a desire to provide high quality open spaces and utilise economic house designs. Two significant factors influencing the layout are the proximity to the coast and the topography of the land. Generally, the site slopes North West to South East and the Eastern boundary is approximately 500 metres from the beach. It was therefore important to address both of these features at the outset of the project. The houses are arranged into terraces in an East-West orientation to form a network of sheltered yet casually overlooked courtyards. By providing good quality, functional open space, it is hoped that future occupiers will be more likely to use these spaces and therefore look after them, creating safe, welcoming neighbourhoods.

Accessibility was a primary concern and in order to address the sloping topography, Phase 1 will be bounded to the East and South by linear parks which will take up the differences in levels. These linear parks will form green corridors through the site and provide pleasant places to walk and exercise. Pedestrian movement has also been considered, with shared surfaces being utilised to limit vehicle speed and to emphasise pedestrian and cycle priority. These shared surfaces are linked with secondary footpaths through soft landscaping.

The house types are designed to Housing For Varying Needs standards and are optimised to utilise low or zero carbon generating technologies (LZCGT) to provide warm, comfortable homes that are efficient to run and heat.

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