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Cammie Fishing Lodge
Custom Build
Cammie Fishing Lodge is set within the rolling landscape of Lower Deeside around four miles south of Banchory on the south-east side of the Water of Feugh.

The aim of the project was to create a place that would resonate with the great natural beauty and rich culture of its location, creating a welcoming retreat for its visitors. We felt it was essential that the design created a presence that connected to the landscape, whilst reducing the impact of the building on the surrounding environment as much as possible. 

Cammie Fishing Lodge designed by T.H.E. Architecture & Planning

The end result is a sanctuary that celebrates the ordinary outdoor activities of Scottish life.

The 162m ² single storey building overlooks a beautiful meandering river with vast forests lying closely behind. Set within a steep landscape, the building has been designed to utilise the banked terrain and picturesque views of the river below through its carefully managed, large openings and its ‘butterfly’ form, inspired by the winding path of the Water of Feugh.

The angles in the line of the building have been meticulously designed to enhance the internal living space and the veranda viewing platform, providing a sheltered area from any prevailing wind. The interiors are spacious, light and airy with the layout consisting of an open plan kitchen and lounge area. 

blue velvet chesterfield sofa on a red rug in Cammie Fishing Lodge

Designed as a low energy, lightweight building to minimise its impact on the surrounding site, the external leaf of the lodge is finished in Siberian Larch cladding to tie in with the surrounding natural setting. The substantial use of local timber respects the site’s setting and is a huge part of the design strategy in supporting local labour through the promotion of traditional trade and materials along with the incorporation of contemporary construction methods. A natural slate roof was also selected to complete and unify the material palette. 

blue L-shaped kitchen counters with dark wooden flooring in Cammie Fishing Lodge

Given its proximity to the Water of Feugh, which is designated as a tributary of the River Dee Special Area of Conservation, protection of local habitats was of high priority. While otters, the remaining scheduled species of the SAC, were present along the adjacent section of the river, a full ecological survey was carried out to determine whether the project would result in any disturbance to the species. No holts or other resting places were identified. Further investigations concluded that no adverse impacts were anticipated on freshwater pearl mussels and Atlantic salmon as well as sensitive habitats located on the floodplain below the proposed fishing lodge. T.H.E. liaised directly with the ecologist to ensure compliance with statutory requirements.

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