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Cordyce Housing Development
Barratt & David Wilson Homes North Scotland
Architectural services were provided to Barratt & David Wilson Homes for the preparation of a detailed planning application for 91 Homes on the former Cordyce School, Aberdeen.

The development reuses a formerly developed brownfield site to provide a new residential development on the edge of the existing urban area.

The site layout responds to the characteristics of the site and the residential element of development is focused on the flatter parts of the site where the former school buildings have been demolished. The development proposes two crescent shaped streets mirroring the curve of the River Don. The street design is proposed to reflect the green surroundings of the site and incorporate tree lined verges that connect through the site. The site is surrounded by green spaces and the design incorporates landscaped corridors to connect from South to North and support local biodiversity and commuting species through and around the site.

Working on behalf of Barratt & David Wilson Homes North Scotland, our team engaged with the planning authority and managed the planning application process, dealing with comments and provision of further information. This was managed through to a successful outcome at planning committee with agreement to grant permission for the 91 homes originally applied for.

Cordyce housing development visual by T.H.E. Architecture and Planning