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Dunnottar Visitor Centre
Dunecht Estates
Dunnottar Castle is one of the most well-known visitor attractions in Aberdeenshire. The Castle attracts international visitors in addition to those from the local area and the rest of the UK.

Planning permission is currently being sought for the development of a new Visitor Centre at Dunnottar Castle. This is a significant opportunity to enhance the visitor experience, grow numbers and draw more people to Stonehaven and Aberdeenshire.

The design of the Visitor Centre is inspired by its location. Situated close to the coast, the building form rises to its peak at the East, falling to a more modest height at its West to emulate the ever-changing, rolling waves of the North Sea. The building’s contemporary design uses a mix of traditional and modern materials reflecting its form and location. There is a clear distinction between the South and East elevations. To the South, red sandstone anchors the corner of the new building to the adjacent Dunnottar Lodge and defines the building entrance. Timber cladding creates a transition between the solid stone entrance and the light transparent glazed façade along the entire East elevation. The elevations are conceptually clear, using a simple and refined material palette.

An external terrace beyond the café and along the eastern façade is contained by a glazed balustrade minimising any interruption of views.


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