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Are you struggling to envision what your project could look like? Or perhaps you’re in need of an excellent concept design in order to gain stakeholder buy-in.

At T.H.E., our concept design services provide the foundation to ensure a clear direction whatever your project may be that is in alignment with your aspirations. Whether it is a custom built home or a housing development, we will help you gain the confidence and clarity needed to proceed with the project to transform your vision into an exceptional built environment.

How does it work?

The design process is linear, starting from the concept design where initial options are looked at, then onto the schematic design (spatial coordination) phase where more detailed parts and functions are looked at to fit together properly, to the technical drawing phase which is very detailed and would be issued to contractors for construction.

Our concept design process begins with a collaborative exploration of your goals and project requirements in the form of a project brief. We respond to this brief by exploring initial options for your project. We can investigate multiple options at this stage and will gather feedback from you to ensure the idea is in line with your aspirations and requirements. We may also involve other consultants in mechanical and engineering, ecology, quantity surveying, construction, design and management at the earliest point possible to ensure we have a full understanding of the requirements and factors that the design must respond to.

The concept design prepared will consider the more specific details on how the development will fit together cohesively and functionally. Using our experience, this will take into account technical considerations where we are guided by our wide-ranging specialised consultants.

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