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Electric Vehicle Charging for New Buildings in Scotland
October 12, 2023

There is an increasing number of electric vehicles on the roads and over 16% of new cars sold in the UK last year were fully electric.

In Scotland, from 5 June 2023, the Building (Scotland) Regulations will for the first time require electric vehicle charging in new buildings, Standard 7.2. For dwellings with off street parking, there should be a 7kW charge point socket. For flats or developments with remote parking there must be a 7kW charge point per property or for all parking spaces, whichever is lower.

The following example is provided in the Technical Handbooks:

A development of 25 flats in a single building with shared parking facilities which contain 35 parking spaces, two of which are accessible parking spaces. None are within a covered car park.

In this example, 26 parking spaces would require access to a charge point socket (one socket per dwelling plus one socket per 4 accessible parking spaces). The remaining 9 spaces would be provided only with enabling infrastructure (enabling infrastructure defined as infrastructure to enable the installation of charge points and any intermediate control equipment without the need for additional builder work other than at the equipment installation points).

There is an exception to provide the infrastructure if it is not cost effective to provide and this cost is set at an average of £2,000 per charge socket. 

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