Assessing the potential of your project

Do you have a site or a particular plot of land that you want to build on but are unsure if it is worth the investment? Perhaps you are worried that it could be bordering a conservation area or you’re unsure by all the red tape involved in order for your project to proceed.

At T.H.E., we understand the significance of thoroughly evaluating the feasibility of your potential project in order to determine its viability and successful completion. After all, you wouldn’t want to invest in a project without fully determining if it was worthy of the investment in the first place would you?

How T.H.E. can help

Whether you are a property developer who has acquired land or looking at a specific site or a landowner looking for viable options to build on your own land, our team specialises in conducting comprehensive feasibility studies to help you make well-informed decisions about the future of your project.

Our unique position as a Chartered Architectural and Planning Consultation practice working across a multitude of sectors is invaluable to our clients as we can not only design your project, we can also conduct a feasibility study of the project beforehand through our decades of planning experience, providing you with a full service.

How does it work?

A feasibility study is an assessment conducted at the beginning of an architectural project’s design process to assist you to determine the viability of the proposed building project.

This objective evaluation helps determine any potential challenges, risks and opportunities.

A site visit will need to be conducted to assess the topography and surrounding context of the site. Various factors will then need to be investigated such as:

  • History of the area
  • Planning policies and building regulations
  • Construction costs
  • Operational and maintenance expenses
  • Functionality and spatial requirements
  • Environmental and historic assets
  • Site conditions and topography.
  • Servicing and access to utilities.
  • Site conditions and topography.
  • Budgetary considerations.
  • Project timeline.

Drawings would be created at this stage to show various options for analytic purposes and discussion with wider professionals as required.

How long does it take?

A feasibility study will depend on the complexity and size of the project. Simple feasibility exercises such as an extension can be completed quickly, but more complex exercises may require time to discuss with other professionals and consider options with the client.

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