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National Planning Framework 4
October 12, 2023

The Scottish Ministers agreed and adopted a new National Planning Framework (NPF4) on 13 February 2023. It replaces NPF3 and Scottish Planning Policy.

What is the National Planning Framework 4?

The National Planning Framework 4 sets out spatial principles, regional priorities, national developments and national planning policy in Scotland.

This marks a fairly significant change in the planning system in Scotland with this Policy Framework forming a principal part of the Development Plan alongside a Council’s local development plan to determine all applications for planning permission. Where there are conflicts between policies, NPF4 is to take precedence.

Why was NPF4 put into place?

NPF4 puts climate change at the heart of planning policy for the first time. It demonstrates how planning can rise to unprecedented challenges to lead decisive and positive change in society. 

As planning applications must now be determined against NPF4 there is benefit in review of proposals to ensure compliance with the new policy framework.

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