Simplifying the planning maze

There are a number of approvals required for development and these relate to the location and type of project. At T.H.E., we are able to navigate the Planning approvals and Building Warrant approval process for you.

The policies and regulations constantly changing and can be confusing. You need a team of experts you can rely on to ensure that the application for your project is designed to take into consideration these requirements in order to minimise change to the project.

How do we help?

At T.H.E., our in-house team of Chartered Planning experts and Architects will help you every step of the way with your planning applications and permissions process with your local authority.

Our Planning professionals understand the ins and outs of the planning system due to their vast experience of working within planning authorities. From a single custom built home to an office and industrial complex or large housing development, they can help you with applications of any size.

Types of Planning Permission

Full Planning Permission
This application, when approved, gives you permission to build your project based on the detailed designs and development proposal you had put through for consideration in your application. Permission can be given with certain planning conditions that you must adhere to when you come to construct your project. Full planning permission normally lasts for 3 years, meaning that construction must start within those 3 years.

Outline Planning in Principle
This is more of an explorative type of planning permission commonly used for larger projects such as housing developments. It is used to see if the project would be viable before putting forward a more detailed proposal. This permission does not give you consent to start the build and further detailed application for approval of matters specified in conditions will require to be approved in order for any construction to start.

Application for Approval of Matters Specific in Conditions
After an outline planning permission has been approved this application would need to be submitted for approval which includes more specific details such as building size, layout, appearance, access, etc. This would need to be submitted to ensure that there is adequate time for determination and works to start prior to expiry of the Planning Permission in Principle.

There may be other types of planning approvals required, such as Listed Building Consent, Conservation Area Consent or Advertisement Consent and we can advise on the approvals required for your project.

Building Warrant
Where planning permission is concerned with how the building will look and its effect on the neighbouring environment, a building warrant is also required to ensure that your project meets building health and safety standards. A building warrant gives you legal permission to start building work. It assures that your project meets the technical and structural requirements of building codes and regulations for access and safety.

You cannot start a building project without a warrant and it is an offence to do so. Our designs from concept through to detailed stage consider the implications of the Building Regulations to ensure that developments can gain approvals at this important stage.

How does it work?

Every aspect of the planning and application process will be taken care of on your behalf by our Chartered experts so you won’t have to navigate it alone.

Our wealth of expertise and knowledge of the planning system will help ensure the successful approval of your project or any changes you might want to make to it further down the line.

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