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Why Use an Architect and Planning Consultant?
August 7, 2023

No matter what size of building or renovation project you are undertaking – from a brand-new build or commercial development to a simple home extension – professional assistance can be of huge benefit, from planning to completion.

If you have never worked with an architect and planning consultant before, you might be wondering how we can help. You might also be wondering if you need to work with both an architect and a planning consultant on your project.

Firstly, let’s cover exactly what architects and planning consultants do:

Architect: An architect is responsible for the planning of a building and then advises on construction from start to finish.
Planning Consultant: A planning consultant helps you to navigate the complexities of planning regulations and permissions.

Combining these two skill sets will bring a depth of knowledge, strategic thinking, and practical experience to your project, to ensure it runs more smoothly.

We understand that our services are an investment you will need to plan into your overall budget. With that in mind, here are some of the reasons you should use an architect and planning consultant.

We save you time

A planning consultant will help you to manage and complete complex planning applications.

These applications can be incredibly time-consuming and also require an intense amount of detail that would take you a long time to collect.

Working with a planning consultant rather than tacking these applications yourself reduces the room for error and takes away the headache for you.

Architectural  input  is normally required in the submission of planning applications  as your application will need to include architectural drawings of the work you wish to undertake.

By working with an architect and planning consultant, you improve your chances of the work being accepted and reduce any delays to your work being able to begin.

We give you peace of mind

When you try to manage a building or renovation project by yourself, it can quickly become overwhelming. If you run into problems along the way, do you have the expertise to fix them quickly?

For example, if you submit planning permission and there are concerns, a team providing architectural and planning advice can assist in negotiating an agreeable solution or in rare circumstances assist you to appeal the decision.

If you run into issues with the contractors you are working with, you may not know who to speak to instead. An architect will be able to prevent this problem before it even begins, as they will have a trusted list of highly-rated contractors that they will frequently collaborate with to complete projects.

We save you money

You might be surprised to hear that working with an architect and planning consultant can save you money!

Construction costs have been steadily increasing recently, and without inside industry knowledge, you may not have a true idea of how much labour and materials could cost.

An architect will give you a realistic view of the work that can be completed within your budget and will help you stick to it throughout the project. The combination of an architect and planning consultant will help you to maximise the work you can do, which will increase the value of your property.

We hope that this has helped you understand why you should use an architect and planning consultant. We would always recommend that with any building or development project, you utilise the services of both, as their work is very interlinked and helps you save money and time, especially at the beginning stages of getting planning approval to kick off your project.

At T.H.E Architecture and Planning, we reduce your development headaches by offering both architectural and planning consultant services in-house. When you work with us, you get access to our whole team to make the project as smooth and seamless as possible, ultimately delivering your vision in the most time and cost-effective way.

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